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LaLeMa transforms your own breast milk into a long-lasting care lotion in no time.

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3 months shelf life

at room temperature

Recommended by midwives

Tested by dermatologists

and rated as OUTSTANDING

Breast milk with all its fascinating advantages. When LaLeMa founder Eve became a mother, her midwife recommended that she and her baby use the natural miracle cure for skin and wound care. She was immediately convinced by the effect, but not so much by the handling! This is how the idea for LaLeMa came about: a care lotion made from breast milk that is versatile, durable and still natural. Her professional know-how from the cosmetics industry and her collaboration with experts from dermatology, cosmetics and research helped her with developing an outstanding product. The result is an innovative product that is an uncomplicated and completely natural problem solver for many areas of application.

LaLeMa is the most natural form of care, perfectly tailored to babies and moms. The strong emotional bond between mother and child is expressed as well as the uniqueness of breast milk for the child, which is determined by nature. LaLeMa stands for family, reliability and honesty. We guarantee the solitary protection of the baby's skin that only the mother can offer in such a unique way. That is why we are unique together and in the care of babies we stand for motherly love in its natural perfection.

Areas of application

• Baby skin

• Wounded baby butt

• Cradle cap

• Sore nipples

• Scars from caesarean sections or birth injuries

• … and much more

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