LaLeMa seals

Why seals of quality are so important to us


Your child's health is our top priority. That's why we at LaLeMa don't make any compromises when it comes to skin care. Our unique care based on breast milk was developed by experienced experts specifically for the needs of babies. It is subject to the strictest quality criteria and has been extensively checked.

In a first study, critical dermatologists carefully examined all the ingredients. 50 midwives then had the opportunity to test LaLeMa together with 90 committed families over a period of six weeks.

The results of the studies from 2022 clearly show that our breast milk-based care products are well tolerated and safe. You can trust LaLeMa and don't have to worry about certain ingredients, allergies, intolerances and other side effects, although you can never completely rule them out.

You still want to be absolutely sure and learn more about our seals? No problem! We have summarized how our studies went for all interested parents. Here you can read why dermatologists and midwives particularly recommend LaLeMa with breast milk for baby skin care.

When developing the LaLeMa recipe, we paid strict attention to valuable, harmless ingredients. The following criteria were particularly important to us:

skin tolerance

Close to nature



Dermatest - Our seal for skin compatibility

The Dermatest Institute awards a scientific seal that has stood for the independent testing of products that come in contact with skin for over 40 years. This means that you will not only find the Dermatest seal on creams, but e.g. also on makeup, protective masks or plasters.

Companies that have their products checked by Dermatest have no influence whatsoever on the study results. This independence of the scientists was particularly important to us. Finally, it ensures that the test results are highly informative.

How did the LaLeMa study at Dermatest go?

The topic of skin compatibility was the focus of the analysis by Dermatest.

For each product, the Dermatest scientists develop an individual study setup with the following steps:

Here, doctors and scientists carefully checked LaLeMa for risks before testing it with human subjects.

LaLeMa was tested by Dermatest in a study with 30 subjects. Since no tests with children are allowed in Germany, the doctors have checked the lotion in adults with particularly sensitive skin. LaLeMa was repeatedly applied to them over a period of 72 hours.

We then received an anonymous evaluation - with top results! LaLeMa did not lead to skin irritations, allergies or other side effects in any of the sensitive subjects. Dermatest says: very good! – Our seal of trust

For most mothers, midwives are the most important advisors during pregnancy and around the birth and breastfeeding period. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with babies and they can see at first glance what is good for the little ones. That's why it was particularly important to us at LaLeMa to get comprehensive feedback from certified midwives. The focus was on the aspects of skin compatibility, application options and handling.

How did the product test with go? is an independent online portal. Companies cannot influence the test result here either. The standardized procedure was used for the LaLeMa test:

We presented LaLeMa certified midwives on This is done via the protected community platform only for certified and registered midwives.

Interested midwives could apply with a letter of motivation to test skin care for babies with breast milk. The selection is made by the team.

The midwives received our product and were able to test it together with up to three families over a period of six weeks.

The midwives documented their experience of using our lotion with breast milk in a questionnaire.

We received 50 anonymised and fully completed questionnaires. In total, the midwives tested LaLeMa in 90 families. The result: 43 of the 50 midwives would recommend our personalized skin care with breast milk. That's 86 percent!