From idea to the final product: This is how LaLeMa came about

Is breast milk good for skin?

Our founder Eve is a mother herself and a real power woman. In the middle of breastfeeding, she started her own business with LaLeMa. The skin care expert can still clearly remember the moment when she had the first idea for a skin care product based on breast milk: “I was just breastfeeding my little daughter. A drop of milk ran down her cheek. And I thought, wow, what a glow! What a beautiful complexion! Wouldn't it be great if you could combine this with skin care?

Which baby care products are suitable for newborns?

Long before that, the mother-to-be was struggling because she was spoiled for choice when it came to baby care products. Because the knowledge about ingredients made the decision for the supposedly right thing difficult. And then came the crucial tip from her midwife: breast milk for skin care for her and her baby. She was immediately convinced by the effect – not so much by the handling! This is how the idea for LaLeMa came about: a care product made from breast milk that is versatile, durable and still natural.

December 2022

LaLeMa meets pharmacies

We are celebrating the first stationary listing with LaLeMa in the baby-friendly pharmacy in Magdeburg.

October 2022

Launch of our LaLeMa online shop

In line with World Breastfeeding Week, our online shop is opening, and we are becoming more present on social networks.

May 2022

Product test

50 certified midwives test LaLeMa in cooperation with 90 families. We are very proud of the result of that test: 86 percent of the testing midwives would recommend LaLeMa!

December 2021

Approval: final recipe

All tests were successful: with 70 percent breast milk, we get a product that optimally combines skin-friendliness, naturalness, durability, and manageability.

November 2021

Foundation: Eve's Natural Perfection GmbH

There was no turning back now and to create the adequate basis for the project, it was officially founded.

August 2021

Parents test LaLeMa

The final recipe has now been tested by parents for handling, tolerance and possible uses.

July 2021

With attention to detail

Together with a professional marketing agency, we started developing the unique LaLeMa design.

June 2021

Completion of feasibility study

A few months later the time had finally come: the final recipe could be registered for the necessary independent checks.

February 2021

Development failed

This was the first real setback, because the supposedly best recipe could not withstand the high standards of the cosmetics regulation.

October 2020

Audience Survey

It quickly turned out that many midwives and mothers would be interested in using a skin care product that combines all the great properties of breast milk while being practical to use and durable.

September 2020


The idea for LaLeMa was born just 3 months after the birth of our founder Eve's daughter.