You already have the best thing for your child inside you: your breast milk!

At LaLeMa, we combine your breast milk with the help of valuable ingredients into unique products that you can use anywhere and in any life situation with your children and yourself.

We have taken particular care when selecting the raw materials. True to the motto less is more, only the most necessary ingredients are in the LaLeMa basis. We also define these as ingredients and not as active ingredients, since your breast milk does this job.

The LaLeMa base not only gives your breast milk the right consistency, but also makes it durable. This requires three natural helpers in particular:

Konjac Mannan

Konjac mannan powder acts as a natural consistency enhancer. The polysaccharides it contains serve as a thickening agent.

Vitamin C

With a touch of vitamin C, you can store and use your individual care for 3 months at room temperature.

Carrageenan seaweed

The hot water extract, which is obtained from algae, is ideal as a natural thickener for the production of gels or lotions.

Transparency for trust

As parents ourselves, we know that many mothers and fathers would like to know exactly what ingredients are used in their baby care products.

The LaLeMa ingredients are 99 percent natural and vegan. True to the motto less is more, we use as few ingredients as possible in order to meet our claim to naturalness here as well. We are legally obliged to declare all components with technical terms.

Unfortunately, these are very difficult for laypeople to understand and at first glance they look anything but natural. So that you can understand exactly what the LaLeMa basis consists of, we have translated all terms for you here and briefly explained them:


The translation of aqua is water, this "ingredient" with over 90% the main component of our LaLeMa basis. Incidentally, this is the case with almost all cosmetic products.

Sodium phosphate is approved in the EU not only for use in cosmetic products but even in food, e.g. as a strengthening agent. At LaLeMa, it helps create a beautiful lotion with your breast milk.

Tocopherol is nothing other than vitamin E. It is formed by various plants and is e.g. abundant in edible oils. Vitamin E is also popular in cosmetics. It neutralizes free radicals and supports the anti-inflammatory and calming effect of LaLeMa.

Sorbitol occurs naturally in various fruits, including pears, plums and apples. Caprylate or caprylic acid is a fatty acid e.g. obtained from coconuts and used for the production of natural cosmetics and medicines.

Glucomannan is a starch-like substance that we extract from the konjac root. In the food industry it is used as a thickener and dietary fibre. Amorphophallus means titan arum and, like glucomannan, belongs to the aroid family. Both plants also contribute to the creamy consistency of LaLeMa. We use them based on availability.

We have to declare konjac root extract on our list of ingredients because we do not use the glucomannan derived from it in isolation. As already described, the konjac root is a plant from the arum family. It is used as a thickening agent and has nothing to do with the French drink cognac, which is made from white wine.

Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum means tara gum and is a natural gelling and thickening agent. The seed of the tara bush has a rubbery consistency after it has solidified. In addition to natural cosmetics, tara gum is also used in food, e.g. as dietary fiber.

Ascorbic acid is nothing more than vitamin C. In nature, vitamin C occurs e.g. Abundant in sea buckthorn, peppers or currants. Vitamin C is added to cosmetic products because it extends their shelf life. With a touch of this vitamin, you can store and use LaLeMa with your breast milk for up to 3 months.

In fact, we use a touch of gold in our care. But not because we want to be chic and exclusive. A gold molecule is "docked" to the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in LaLeMa and increases its effectiveness. As a result, we only have to add a small amount of vitamin C to our care product to create a long-lasting skin care product with your breast milk.

In the human body, this mineral controls the water balance together with sodium. For this reason, potassium is often added to sports drinks. In care products, it ensures a longer shelf life.

Sorbate is a salt of sorbic acid, which occurs naturally in e.g. occur in rowan berries. Unlike the berries themselves, sorbic acid and its salts are very well tolerated and are therefore added to many foods such as baked goods, cheese or juice to extend their shelf life. At LaLeMa we also use sorbate because of its preservative effect.

Capryloyl / caproyl or in English caprylic acid is a fatty acid z. B. contained in coconuts and occurs naturally in grasses and cotton plants.

Glucamide is derived from glucose, which is sugar. We use this ingredient so that the individual components of LaLeMa can combine (emulsify) better.

Chondrus crispus is Irish moss, also called red algae. Powder means nothing else than powder. The plant has been used in Ireland for over 1,500 years for its soothing and thickening properties.

Propanediol (1.3) is vegetable and z. B. obtained from corn sugar. In cosmetics, it offers a great, natural alternative to petroleum-based glycols. It improves the supply of moisture and active ingredients and is therefore often used for natural care products.

The glutathione is bound to the ascorbic acid. It occurs naturally in every cell in the human body. In the production of food and natural care products, it is valued for its antioxidant properties.

Sorbitol is found in various fruits and vegetables. It is often used as a sweetener in light products and chewing gum. In care products such as LaLeMa, it serves as a carrier and humectant.

Xanthan is a carbohydrate that is formed when sugar is fermented by bacteria. Gum refers to the rubbery, thickening properties of this LaLeMa ingredient.

Caprylyl Glycol is derived from caprylic acid, which occurs naturally in e.g. found in coconuts. Caprylyl binds moisture in the skin and is therefore often used in the manufacture of natural care products.

The hexanediol in our case is of natural origin and is a moisturizing active ingredient that particularly benefits sensitive skin. It is used in shower gels, deodorants, hair conditioners, makeup and classic baby care products.