Muttermilch gewinnen

Gain breast milk

How it works and what you can do to increase your milk supply

Any woman can breastfeed. Midwives used to say that. Today we know: It's not quite that simple. Getting enough milk to feed your child and to provide for your LaLeMa skincare can be a bit of a hassle, especially in the beginning. Here we explain what practical aids there are to obtain breast milk and how you can increase your milk supply naturally.

Your care lotion based on breast milk - this is how you start with LaLeMa

After the birth, your child’s nutrition is the top priority. But just a few days later, many mothers realize that they have more than enough milk for their baby. Then the time has come to start with LaLeMa. If you are still unsure, ask your midwife or pediatrician. They can tell you exactly if your baby is gaining weight as it should.

The good thing is that you only need a few milliliters of breast milk for your natural, long-lasting care lotion based on breast milk. Depending on how much your breast is already forming and what feels easier and better for you, you can extract the milk in different ways.

Obtain breast milk by expressing

Especially if you have a lot of breast milk, you can easily get it by expressing it. This works very quietly and gently - perfect when your baby has just fallen asleep full and satisfied! All you need are clean hands and a small, clean container, such as a bowl, to collect your breast milk for baby care.

Step 1: Gently massage your chest from top to bottom.

Step 2: Massage your chest sideways.

Step 3: Try to stroke from the outside in with a little pressure.

Step 4: Massage hard spots in particular.

Step 5: Express the milk by gently pressing your thumb and forefinger back and forth along the edge of the atrium.

You should not wait long afterwards, but put the milk in the LaLeMa dispenser as soon as possible so that you get a long-lasting care lotion for your baby and your family. If you didn't get enough breast milk the first time you expressed it, put the bowl covered in the fridge and repeat the process on the same day as soon as the opportunity arises again.

Obtain breast milk by pumping

Breast pumps are a great invention - especially for mothers who don't produce quite as much milk or who don't want to or can't breastfeed for various reasons. With a breast pump, you can quickly and easily obtain enough milk to fill the LaLeMa dispenser and receive initial care based on breast milk. You have the choice between a hand pump and an electric pump. The same applies here: It is best to try out for yourself what feels comfortable and right for you.

Hand pumps for breast milk

Just like squeezing, hand pumps have one big advantage: They are quiet and won't wake your baby up if it has just fallen asleep. You can also take hand pumps with you everywhere. This gives you a great deal of independence, especially when breastfeeding is not going so well. On the other hand, expressing with hand pumps is a bit more laborious than with electric breast pumps and can therefore take a little longer.

With hand pumps, the milk usually ends up directly in the bottle. From there you just have to carefully put them in the LaLeMa dispenser. Please always make sure that the pump is fresh and the bottle is clean. Regular boiling is important so that no germs can form.

Electric breast pumps

Electric breast pumps are super effective. Many have two attachments so you can pump milk from both breasts at the same time. Thanks to an electric breast pump, there is a high probability that you will get enough breast milk for your first baby care lotion very quickly.

The disadvantage is that you need electricity for the electric pump. You cannot use them on the go. In addition, such pumps make noise. So pumping works best here when your baby is awake anyway or someone else can watch.

Even with the electric breast pump, the milk ends up directly in the bottle. The same applies here as with the hand pump: Pay attention to hygiene. This protects your baby and gives you a great natural care lotion that you can use for up to three months.

Stimulate production of more breast milk

How can I increase my milk yield? That's the question many mothers ask themselves when breastfeeding doesn't go perfectly right from the start. The most important thing is: Don't put yourself under pressure. Many moms are like you. And indeed, there are some simple tricks you can use to stimulate your milk production.

1. Take care of yourself and be patient

Becoming a mother is a big change for you, your partner and your family. Apart from the hormonal changes, this naturally also has an effect on your mental state. And this in turn can influence milk production. So don't just be there for everyone else. I think about you, too! Plenty of rest and security will help your body produce milk. Ask the people close to you to support you in this.

2. Drink and eat enough

Drinking a lot can have a positive effect on milk production. Therefore, especially at the beginning of the breastfeeding period, make sure to drink enough. It doesn't always have to be still water. Delicious herbal teas, diluted juices, decaffeinated grain coffee or non-alcoholic malt beer provide more variety and help you to produce enough breast milk for your child. You should also pay attention to your gut feeling when eating. Eat what tastes good and is good for you. You will probably lose weight all by yourself later in your mommy life. Now your baby's nutrition and well-being are most important.

3. Fenugreek '

Fenugreek is one of the remedies that midwives like to recommend when milk production is not going so well. When buying, it is best to pay attention to tested quality from the pharmacy instead of ordering unknown products from the Internet. The pharmacist you trust can best advise you on whether a product with all its ingredients and additives is safe for you as a breastfeeding mother.

4. Pumping and mooring

Your body adapts to the needs of your child. If your child suckles at your breast when hungry, she will produce more milk. If your child is only able to drink a little, milk production will decrease. This is problematic, for example, if your child is not drinking well because it has a cold. In such moments, hand pumps and electric pumps are useful helpers. With so-called power pumping, you can even temporarily increase your milk supply in case of doubt. But the best thing to do is to continue breastfeeding. Some babies prefer to drink at night or during the day when they are half asleep. Every mom and every baby is individual. Try what works well for you.

And what if it doesn't work at all?

Then your midwife will support you or you can look for a specially trained lactation consultant. Sure, breastfeeding is intuitive in many cases and you do a lot of things right unconsciously, but the new situation can quickly become unsettling. Find support to enjoy a carefree breastfeeding period. Exchange ideas and tell your friends or colleagues from the rehabilitation course about your challenges and you will see that you are not alone.