Muttermilch: wissenwerte Fakten

Breast milk: facts worth knowing

Your breast milk is the best thing for your child - and much more than just food. Here you can find out more about the valuable ingredients. And you can read how these help to optimally care for, care for and protect your baby's skin.

The best skin care in the world

What is particularly good for my child? Especially when it comes to skin care, the range of baby products is simply huge! At the latest a few days after the birth you will probably be spoiled for choice. After all, mildly scented baby oils, wound protection creams and bath products are among the most popular gifts for expectant mothers. But what is actually in it?

We at LaLeMa are convinced: You already carry the best skin care in the world within you. Because breast milk is not only made to nourish your child. With its unique ingredients, it cares for and protects the sensitive mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines of your little miracle, relieves irritation and helps build a stable immune system.

With LaLeMa we make use of these great properties. Because anything that strengthens your baby's body from the inside out is also good for skin care.

What is breast milk made of?

Your breast milk is a real miracle and consists of so many components that we can only present a few of the most important ones here.

living cells

With every milliliter of breast milk, you give your baby thousands of living cells, including stem cells and white blood cells. These help keep bacteria, viruses and fungi in check and can even fight cancer cells. They strengthen your child's immune system from the inside and, as skin care, help to ensure that inflammation heals better or does not develop in the first place.

lactic acid bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria are hard-working little helpers that ensure that harmful microorganisms in the intestines and on your baby's skin quickly become uncomfortable. They help to develop a healthy, balanced microbiome, which can protect your baby from infections caused by harmful bacteria and allergies for years to come.

minerals and vitamins

They are added to other baby care products - vitamins and minerals occur naturally in your breast milk! They influence the growth, function and regeneration of your baby's skin. Breast milk can work wonders for infections and minor injuries. In many families, LaLeMa is therefore not only used for the skin care of the little ones, but also for siblings, parents and even grandparents.


The role of so-called microRNA is currently still being researched. Scientists already know that it plays an important role in assigning tasks to different cells and in regulating body functions. This may prevent diseases and support the healthy development of your baby.

antibodies and defense-enhancing enzymes

When your baby sees the light of day, it is immediately exposed to a variety of influences and stimuli. Its digestive system reacts to this in the same way as the skin. You may notice your baby developing neonatal acne or red patches forming in skin folds. The antibodies and defense-enhancing enzymes in your breast milk help to calm such irritations quickly.


Fats naturally protect our skin from harmful environmental influences. Industrially produced baby oils and baby creams therefore have a high fat content. An equally effective and completely natural alternative is your breast milk. On average, 100 grams contain about 4 grams of fat.

Breast milk changes - but it's always perfect for baby care!

In the first few days after birth, your breasts produce colostrum, which is particularly viscous, nutritious and protective. Especially if you notice that you only have very little breast milk during this time, you should definitely give it to your baby and not yet use it for skin care.

When in doubt, be a little patient. In a few days you will probably have more than enough milk for your first LaLeMa care. Of course, mothers who produce a lot of milk immediately after giving birth can also use LaLeMa immediately to get their own skin care with baby milk.

As you breastfeed, you will notice that the consistency of your milk will change. That it is sometimes more liquid and sometimes more viscous and smells different. But don't worry: the protective and caring components of your breast milk are always sufficiently available. With the help of LaLeMa, you can safely use your breast milk on the skin of your baby and your family throughout the breastfeeding period.