Was brauchen werdende Mütter wirklich? Geschenkideen zur Geburt

What do expectant mothers really need? Birth gift ideas

Find creative gift ideas for new parents

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful and important events in the life of all parents. It is therefore particularly important to family members and friends to find a personal gift that will make them happy and that will really help the new parents in the first few – not always easy – weeks.

Anyone who already has children knows that the gifts are often similar. It can therefore be an advantage to ask beforehand what the mother-to-be really wants. On the other hand, where's the surprise? – If you don't have children yet, you can only guess what expectant parents actually need. Not an easy task either!

Birth gifts

This is how you put together an individual birth gift

A great trick is to add an individual touch to classic birth gifts, to incorporate common memories and to combine them in such a way that they are guaranteed to make new parents smile. Sounds complicated? But it's very easy!

Good to know: A care product should not be missing from your gift. Many babies are prone to skin problems such as newborn acne and dry patches in the first few weeks after birth. After all, their immune system first has to get used to the new environment. With our wonderful skin care based on breast milk, such phases are usually over quickly.


You can perfectly combine the following gift ideas for birth with LaLeMa and personal accessories:

Diaper cake for expectant parents

diaper cake

You can order a diaper cake from your local drugstore or you can make it yourself and “decorate” it to your heart’s content with useful gifts and shared memories. This can be a cute teddy bear for the offspring, food for the nerves of mum and dad and, for example, a few socks you have crocheted yourself. You can find step-by-step instructions and a list of what you need here.

With LaLeMa on top of your diaper cake, you also give the family a great alternative to classic baby oils and creams for babies. LaLeMa is the most natural baby care you can imagine: It consists of 70 percent of the mother-to-be's own breast milk and can be made with one click as soon as the milk has come in.

"First aid box" for new parents

The young parents will definitely be happy about a funny designed "first aid box". Here, too, you can easily combine different gift ideas: a parent's guide, chocolate, soothing tea and of course a set for a care lotion with breast milk from LaLeMa.

Incidentally, this not only helps the baby with skin irritation. Mum and dad as well as siblings can also use LaLeMa so that skin problems don't stand a chance. In the practical dispenser, the care lotion is always ready to hand and provides quick relief for all small emergencies, from pimples to dry skin to sore spots in the diaper area.

Pampering vouchers for exhausted parents

A small baby means a big change for the whole family. No wonder that new mothers in particular long for a bit of relaxation, variety and time for themselves after exciting days and many a sleepless night.

Here, friends and families can help wonderfully with pampering vouchers or maybe even a self-made voucher booklet: Give away a voucher for a freshly cooked meal, a back massage, "vacuum the whole apartment once" and so on. There are no limits to your imagination!

It becomes a really creative gift if you combine your voucher or your voucher booklet with shared photos or personal drawings. Find a pretty box, pack a few favorite chocolates, a face mask and LaLeMa and your meaningful, creative and funny gift for a mom-to-be is ready!

We wish you lots of joy giving away 💜💛💚